ILGA Europe – Rainbow Map 2020

ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map and Index 2020 reveals that once-leading countries in Europe are falling behind in their commitments to equality for LGBTI people. 

Key findings of the Rainbow Map 2020 include (as of May 2020):
  • There has been no positive change in 49% of countries
  • For the second year in a row, countries are moving backwards on the Rainbow Index, as existing protections are disappearing
  • Trans rights are where most of the current movement in terms of LGBTI equality is happening, for better or worse.
  • Other forward movement, although on a smaller scale, is in the inclusion of equality measures protecting intersex people against discrimination
  • Regression is most visible where civil and political rights are eroded: LGBTI human rights defenders increasingly at risk, authorities taking active measures to undermine civil society associations, and attempts to ban public events.